Australia’s Best Pizza

Australia’s Best Pizza


With ’07 & ’08 witnessing 40’s Café owner and head chef, Damon de Ruiter, named best pizza maker in South Australia, it is
the year of 2009 that has placed him on the much deserved pedestal of Best Pizza Maker in Australia!
With 2600 pizzerias Australia wide whittled down to 10 chefs, 5 traditional and 5 gourmet, in Dairy Farmers Best of the Best
Pizza Challenge, Damon has enabled the nation to recognize the art and talent required to create the country’s best pizza.
With passion, determination and persistence on his side, Wednesday the 9th September saw Damon highlight, not only his
commitment to achieve excellence with food, but also the support and high standard of his restaurant 40’s Café. Whilst
showcasing the brilliant produce of the Barossa Valley and South Australia.
Competing alongside the other 4 state winners, de Ruiter grasped the highest scoring pizza with his famous ‘Smokey Pizza’.
This placed him in the position of best Gourmet Pizza winner, resulting in the head to head ‘black box’ showdown with the
winner of the traditional category to determine the best pizza maker in Australia.30 minutes is all they were given to construct
their final pizza when introduced to an array of ingredients selected by the judging panel, Damon used his wealth of food
knowledge and cooking expertise to develop a pizza that has catapulted him into the position of best pizza maker in the
nation. This title will see de Ruiter compete in the world championships to be held in Las Vegas, 2010.and was inclusive of
$40`000 in cash and prizes

Damon’s Black Box Recipe
Titled – Wagyu 4 U
Wagyu Beef Bacon Basil Leaves
Thinly sliced red onion Zest of Lemon
Capers Rocket
Dairy Farmers Mozzarella Cheese Horseradish, fresh
Triple Brie Cheese Raspberry Vinegar
1. Place Wagyu Beef Bacon, some Red Onion, sautéed Capers and Mozzarella Cheese on dough base and place in
pre heated oven
2. When pizza is half cooked, top with Triple Brie Cheese, Basil Leaves and zest of Lemon
3. Once pizza is fully cooked, garnish with a salad of Rocket, fresh Horseradish and Red Onion
4. Top with a Caper and Raspberry Vinegar glaze before serving


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